In this work, I chose to paint very famous artists, who influence or have influenced  the history of art, by calling them ironically "emerging artists". It's a way for me to mock the system established by the contemporary art market which classifies the artists to estimate their market value (emerging, mid-career and established artists).

It's just a nonsense to talk about commercial value for the artists except maybe for some artists who have based their concept of artistic production on marketing rules (Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Murakami...). Most of the artists I used in this project don't belong to contemporary art (Giacometti, Picasso, Warhol...) and they didn't have the chance to be classified in one of these categories of the art market .
I do it in this work, with humor,  by placing them in the "emerging artists" category : if I had considered them as "established artists" it would have been too obvious and simplistic concerning the influence they still have in the contemporary art (emerging" means they can still evolve).
As for the contemporary artists I have been using in this work, they are like peers with the iconic artists of the past and this way I pull them out of this categorization .

The painting process used to depict women artists is different from the one I used for the male artists : women are represented  with geometrical shapes, angles and colors to show that like in any professional category, women have to give a lot of themselves to "emerge".