APPEARANCES - 2009 (Selection of paintings)


I work on the appearances of life through human figure representation and I play with the ambiguous word "appearances" which means either "semblance" or "the fact that something appears".

I want to express the huge gap there is between the consciousness of what we are and the image we offer to other people everyday. It seems that to belong to a specific human society (determined by the country, town you live in, by the social level you come from, by the studies, the job you choose), we have to adopt a way of being to be accepted as a member of this society. To show this shift I tend to use naked figures which are the best representation for truth in being.

The second important idea in the balance between the appearance and the disappearance of our body on Earth. I don't try to give a scientific explanation of it but I want to give the feeling that Earth is able to create human beings from its materials and then to take them back when we disappear.
The materials used in my portraits are really important : they consist of black lava or micas mortars, sand, gold leaves. This recalls the substratum (earth) from which we're born and to which we'll return and this feeling is reinforced with the use of earthy colors.  The figures are often incomplete or suggested as if they were in development or in destruction.