The exchange of ideas and culture in society morph from one generation to the next and create a melting pot of fiction and truth.

Alternative Histories is a body of work that turns a group of renowned artists into time travelers. I place artists from the past and the present in unlikely social situations to create a new way of seeing, a new history and a new exchange of ideas.
I take on the role of storyteller as I create new scenarios and liaisons between the artists. I introduce letters, extracts from journals and manipulated photographic images to give the appearance of archival material.

For example it is suggested by some historians that Andy Warhol became famous due to the influence of Marcel Duchamp, the father of conceptual art. In my fictions, Warhol and Duchamp are depicted as difficult and temperamental characters that display arrogant and competitive traits. However both are interested in the other and eventually find common ground. My intervention brings forth a friendship and working relationship between the pair.

To think about the creation and the persistence of ideas in History of art, I represent some scenes of gathering between artists (inspired from real archival photographs) and I try to imagine what's left behind them when they all die. To depict such scenes I use drawings with ink on paper that enable me to treat the topic like a comic strip in which we can feel the time passing by.